Hi!I use Adv Get and Elliot Waves

in todays environ ment it seems people just join ythis forum for obtaining free software and nobody wants tu pay a dime yet everybody wants tu be highly succesful and earn a lot of money without going thru the learning curve , for a person tu be succesful 15% tech nical ,80% muney management and 5% luck combined with a good acumen tu spot tradinfg oppurtunities is the right mix

I am also an advance get user and use extensively . Are U still trading and interested in sharing knowledge ?. Sorry i am asking this since ur thread is 1 year old and since then there is no thread from ur side
Hi Guys,

I am a registered User of Advanced GET for a very long time. Would be interested in joining hands with other users to learn and share ideas / suggestions / etc....

Do email me abhinaysharma at yahoo dot com.


Dear Tejas,

Thank you for your kindness in trying to help others. I have a problem in Ad Get 7.6. Could you please solve it for me ?

When I used Search options, with certain parameters , in Adv Get 7.6 , it runs for some time and then a message comes such as ` Folder is already open ` or `Access to folder denied ` and below that the name of folder where my Metastock format files are kept , comes. Then the scanning stops in the middle. Can any knowledgeable person throw light on why this happens and what is the remedy for this.
Thanking you in advance

Dear Grorich,

If ur problem is not resolved do let me know so that I can help you. I know the solution for this,



Dear prashkr,

Adget can work for swing trades too.
You can use the indicators like macd, stochastics, rsi, et al.
All you need to do is tweak them a little.
MACD - 13,26,9 can be changed to MACD 5,10,7
Stochastics 14,3,3 can be changed to 10,3,3 and also add 5,3,3
RSI can be changed from 14 to 10 etc.

For initiating intra week trades, normally the following works for me:
MACD 3,5,4
Stoch - 5,3,3
RSI - 10
Short term MAs cross over
Closing above the MAs mentioned in the previous line.

Yasir :)
Dear Yasir,

Can v discuss the above in more detail and would be grateful if you could help?


hello Advancedget follower,,
can i ask if some one can suggest how and where to download Advancedget eod from the net
any one willing to help me
or can you send me an email
[email protected]
Finding, downloading & installing Advanced GET is not a big deal.But the key is to understand how to harness the power of Adget. Mostly people think that it is very easy to use after going through the Manuals, watching Videos which are available on the net. Unfortunately it is not so........

Send me a PM if you really want help with Advanced GET.



Well-Known Member
setting up of advanced get and intrigate data (mainly metastock format) is important also. i just tried after a gap of 1 year with advance get. let us help each other in open forum.elliot wave count is an important component of advanced get , beside mob(make or break), xtl, pti etc.let us start a meaning full thread for advance get right here.

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