HI from shaaya

Hi all, i am new here. Call me shaaya.

1) My trading/investing experience
I am have invested in mutual funds SIP for years. Past one year I have tried equities. From investment angle to position trading and then taking a bite at day trading, i am experimenting and practicing.

2) The number of years I have been investing or trading in the markets
A year or so. Day trading only for past 45 days (not on daily basis, i have a job to do!)

3) My area of interest - IPO's/secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc.
only in equities upto now. Would like to try others too.

4) How do I make your trading decisions
As i said, i am just learning. Technical analysis is taking my attention right now.

5) How I discovered this forum.
On google, when i was searching for trading help, i was attracted to this site. Saint's teach a man to fish thread made me join the forum.

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