Hi and my 1st question for the forum

Dear Friend,
My name is Saloni and I have just started online trading with Angel. I have a question for experienced members-

Do I need to take any further action if I ahve bought share online and have enough balance in my trading account( which appears online in fund view option of Angel online platform). In other words, I have already transfered money to broker account and then have bought shares. In ths case, do I need to take any action online or Angel broker will automatically adjust the amount.

Thanks in advance



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Welcome to the forums.. you need not to do anything else other than punching your Buy/Sell order, rest is all taken care by these broker guys. Watch out and make sure you are not eating more than you can gulp.. in other words make sure you have adequate capital to fund your order.

I am assuming you are new to trading and have a long way to go, so just my piece of advice from my personal experience over the past couple of years. Market is a great teacher, it teaches you many things. It put you on a test for your patience, it tests your ability to stay focused towards your goals and moreover it tests your capability to "believe in what you see and not to see what you believe in"

With all that gyan :) I have a very good article for you from one of a senior member here

Teach a Man to Fish

Have a happy and profitable trading career ahead of you.

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Dear Vikash,

thank you very much for your reply and suggestions. Since I am new to this area that is why I am first transfereing the money( less than 15000rs) and then buying the stocks. Not doing complicated things like margin etc. just delivery orders for the time being.

What is the meaning of 'SHARES LYING WITH ABL / ACDL/ ACBL' in Angel back office website showing the portfolio held.

Sorry I am new to online trading so this may appear stupid question:)

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