Hi am AFL am new to this forum .... need held on intraday trading


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Hello All, I am AFL, a complete intraday trader, trading in index and stocks future, starting out my intraday trade diary to keep track of the details which will be helpful to my intraday trading.

Game Plan

* Risk 1% maximum on every trade.



* Not being able to capitalize efficiently on wining trades. Sometimes closing them out too early and sometimes giving back profit to market.
* Scaling in on winning trades.


* To learn holding on to the winning trades. As this is what is gonna make money for me.
* Learn and implement scaling in strategy.

Purpose of the Diary

* To keep a close track of my risk and daily equity curve.
* To keep a positive pressure on myself to perform.
* To keep notes of important learning/points from day to day trading.
* Work progressively to reach my goals.

Thank You

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