help required for equity curve.


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Can anyone help me with equity curve in amibroker. I am not looking out for the default equity curve which is der in amibroker.
What I want is, equity curve should form for the actual trade to trade rather than showing the movement between the trades.

for instance:
Current equity curve shows is...
Day 1: bought @ 100
Day 2: profit is 10... closing is 110, so MTM is 10+
Day 3 : loss is 5....closing is MTM -5
Day 4: profit is 15.... closing is mtm +15
Day 5 : proft book at 115.. so MTM -5

current curve shows all the movement i.e from +10..-5...+15....-5

whereas as actual curve i am expecting should have been from
bought @100 to sold @ 115

I hope my query is clear.

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