Help regd Wall Street Analyzer

Hi Everone,
I have specific problems and wuld appreciate if some1 helps me solving them:-

1. I have installed Wall Street Analyzer but not able to get quotes from Yahoo site. It gives some error every time I attempt doing so.
I did manage to get the .csv file from which has all the symbols . What do i do with it there a way to load the whole file so that i can see all the symbols in the pull down menu of WSA?
Even if i try setting up my portfolio there is no way I can get the symbol added to my list .(it only has US and Canada stocks).

Shrees I have seen you posting a step wise list for some other software .Could you plz help me in this case as well .

2.Which is better Wall Street Analyzer or Spacejok Fcharts ?
younggenius said:
Hi could u be more specific nihar ..i didnt get u
It wuld be great if u can help me
Thanks in advance


Wall Street is much simpler than Fcharts. If you have any problem in using Yahoo with wall St.....just write to the yahoo support. They will sort it out. the email Id is ..... <[email protected]>


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