Help Please ?

Hi Friends,

I need an indicator which will give me buy/sell arrows on the chart when I Input my desired EMA value.

For Ex : If I input 5 EMA on the parameters and attach to chart ... It should show me buy/sell arrows on the chart when the candle closes above or below 5 EMA.

It will be helpfull if there is an exploration also to show the stocks which closed above the desired EMA by EOD..

Thanks a lot
sp = Param("EMA", 20, 2, 200, 1);
r = EMA(C, sp);
Plot(r, "EMA", colorRed);
Buy = Cross(C, r);
Sell = Cross(r, C);
PlotShapes( IIf( Buy, shapeDownArrow + shapePositionAbove, shapeNone ), colorGreen );
PlotShapes( IIf( Sell, shapeUpArrow + shapePositionAbove, shapeNone ), colorRed );

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