Help need in Amibroker automatic anylisis vs alert window!


First of all i am sorry if i do some mistake in writing here, so i am going to show my problem, i want to know can we do something if we want to get alert of last buy sell arrow alert come in alert window?

I know we can run scan from automatic anylisis, but when i selects afl and runs the analysis for all stock for every 1 min or 5 min it gives results in advance analysis window only but alert not shown in alert window.:(

so what is the problem?:confused: please help me experts, if u can simply tell me the code by which i can add in my current afl and when i run backtest it show the direct last buy/sell arrow and value in alert window. i need this help plz.:( i heard about alertif function can it helpful? plz do it simple for us just guide me experts.

And thanx all traderji forum members specially to experts by whom i am a bit good trader now days.:clap:

will wait for detaild response soon.
thanks for reply but alert window already open, but today i found somethig new in that can u tell? that in automatic anylisis window when we go to settings->general tab there are three settings thaat initial equity, positions and periodicity. so by changing these value what will be the effect can you tell plz..

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