Help for starting MF investment.

Dear Experts,
My age is 25 and i want to start saving money using Mutual Funds. I want to create corpus for my multiple goals. My Tax slab is 20%
My goals are:
1) Car - Corpus Upto 15Lakh in 5yr.
2) House - Corpus Upto 1Cr. in 15yr.
3) Retirement - Corpus Upto 5Cr. in 35yr.

Would like to seek advice from expert on how to invest properly, which Mutual Fund should i choose? How much should i invest per month to achieve my goals. Please Advice me.
Considering your investment goals, it is very easy for an advisor to pitch you investment products. However, before you decide to go for aggressive returns, it is suggested that you balance your portfolio.
As you are just 25, you can avail the power of compounding on all your investments


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