[Help] Charges involved in Buying/Selling Shares? Am i charged too much?

Hello, I am new to trading. I recently opened 3in1 account with axis bank. I bought 5 shares of crompton at Rs.177.50 which comes to Rs.887.5
Brokerage is 0.50%. So that is 4.4377+887.5 = Rs.891.94

But it is charged Rs.911.06 and debited from the account. Why they charged Rs.23.56 extra which has to be Rs.4.43. Kindly help.
Hi keychain, I think You are paying high brokerage in axis bank.There are several brokerage firms available which charge very less brokerage when compared to axis.Please compare brokers by visiting their websites Or just you can search in this forum itself.For example, check zerodha which is lowest brokerage as far as I know...
Maybe you should read this Link : https://www.axisdirect.co.in/AxisDi...ubcription&pageUrl1=secChargesAndSubcription#

Specially this Line: Minimum brokerage charged: Brokerage will be charged as per applicable rate subject to a minimum of Rs.20/- per executed order and a maximum of 2.5%. In case the minimum brokerage calculated comes to more than 2.5%, then the amount that will be charged as a brokerage will be limited to 2.5%.

Frankly they have not cheated you, they have charged 20 Rs minimum brokerage rather than the %.

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