Hello Traders

Hello Friends,

Some text about me to introduce myself.

1) Your trading/investing experience.
I have been investing/trading in and out since 2008. But never been an expert due to lack of time. Now thinking about it seriously. I have basic knowledge of markets, have traded in equities, options and now want to also trade in futures.

2) The number of years you have been investing or trading in the markets.
9 years

3) Your area of interest - IPO's/secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc.
Equities, Options, Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Futures.. I learned the market in that order.

4) How do you make your trading decisions.: Sometimes just by hunch feeling, now I am learning candlesticks, which gives me a better view(At least an informed decision) of the trend. Basically and normally, I invest for months, sometimes I get a sudden urge to trade swing and sometimes a sudden urge to scalp on an intraday basis. But those are rare moments. Generally, I keep stocks for days and months and let them grow unless some real life problem comes(which occurs frequently) which forces me to sell my holdings. I really want to be a trader rather than an investor. I want to like read charts, leverage high and earn good profits.

5) How you discovered this forum. : I had registered this forum long back when I was serious about learning options way back in 2009 or so. Then I completely forgot about it. Recently one of my good friend Gagandeep showed me this forum, and now I want to be an active part. He is a big shot on this forum. Compared to him, I am way-way down right now.

6) ETC, etc.
These days i am building my retirement portfolio using mutual funds. Also helping my mom, who lost a lot by choosing wrong stocks in 2007-08 (Like Suzlon, JP Associates, Aban, Bhel, MMTC, etc all wealth destroying stocks). Her portfolio was 70%+ down when I took over the portfolio in my hands, now its 50%+ down.. an improvement of 20%, plus I eliminated the laggards and reinvesting in more fundamentally good stocks by square-off the losses. I know it a tough task to bring to life a dead portfolio but that's what interests me, to win a lost battle, I like to give my best in such circumstances when everybody has given up, is what i can describe myself in one line. So, as you can see, I am learning fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis out of my own personal interest, because i highly believe that things can be quickly improved with short capital in hand with trading). So, i am one of those complex guys who got their hands wet in both fundamental and technical analysis.

Hope i would be able to contribute to this trading forum and it would be a learning experience for me and also to make more friends!

- Mahernoz


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Welcome to Traderji

Please take benefit from Trading Community. You may also contribute for benefit of other users of the Forum.

Please read the FORUM RULE http://www.traderji.com/rules.php

We have many good threads here, specially in "Beginner's Guide". So go through the reading material, take your time looking at the market moves. Don't rush

Please avoid mentioning personal portfolio their value and scrip etc.
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