Hello to all Traders

Long Story Short, I am a Full Time trader, Trading Nifty Futures.

Started in Capstone, Pune
Then traded my own account from home, testing and trading everything in NSE, BSE and MCX, finally settling on NIFTY, but trading alone, lost all motivation plus being in pressure about trading, gave up on maintaining social circle, eventually decided to rejoin a trading floor.
Then joined Futures First, Bangalore. But Nifty kept calling me back and I couldn't bring myself to learn other markets and wanted to excel in Nifty

and now I am Again starting full-time trading on my own account in NIFTY.

So, hello to all Traders out there.

I will be posting my daily trade Log soon,
because I am sure having to share my trades will definitely improve my consistency.
One pitfall of trading independently is getting too lazy and disconnected which I have experienced, while working in trading floors earlier, it was a different thing, talking whole day about trades and trading was a very effective way to stay focused and motivated.

So hoping to meet some good traders and people out there soon.
Welcome to Traderji ... :)
Hope you enjoy your stay and all the best with your Trading adventures.
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