Hello my fellow traders & price action enthusiast

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and found this gold mine from one of the public chat. I have been trading for over 4 years now and like any other beginner thought I will earn quick easy money but soon realized that there is no easy money.
I am software professional and have been long term investor for 15+ years.
To learn correct way, I purchased few course, strategies but all of them were waste but gave me good experience that if you truly want to succeed than you have to work hard.
I always had habit of studying charts since day 1 and slowly (took me 2 years) I understood "PRICE ACTION" and started making consistent money. During the journey I also realized importance of "Risk Management".
My only advice to fellow traders who are starting, focus on learning Price Action as this has maximum potential to win, plus work on risk management. Stay away from people who will tell you that they have golden strategy which works 90-100% times and can be verified on past data. There is no golden strategy in stock market but simple price action will give you great results.
If you need any assistance, drop me message and I will provide help ...

Happy Independence day.
Price Action Trader

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