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Hello everybody..

Technidex™ develops, devises and designs highly specialized solutions – indexes, automated & real-time market analytic models (which can be used on equities, derivative instruments, commodities & currencies) and investment / trading strategies – using proprietary computer. We also write specialized analytic reports.

Technidex™ will also be advising institutional investors, corporate & HNI investors, traders & arbitrageurs and focusing on designing instruments to outperform the market.

Technidex™ is promoted by yours truly, Navin Agrawal, who has over 19 years of Capital Market experience - as a trader, a strategist, an investment manager, an innovator and Head of Institutional Equities business. Navin was part of the International Investor Group, at Skindia Finance, that advised a major UK-based hedge fund. He was a key member of the team that developed the globally quoted Skindia GDR Index and pioneered GDR Arbitrage & Reverse Arbitrage (Dual Fungibility) in Indian Depository Receipts.

You may visit us on www.Technidex.in

Best Regards,
Navin Agrawal
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