Hello everybody.Technical Analysis

:) Hello everybody I am Bank employee interested in stock market but not
getting enough time. I am interested in technical analysis and use of
diffrent kind of software for technical analysis. I am also interested to
learn day trading technic and deriavative trading and commodity trading.
my Email ID is [email protected]


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Hello Vijay Chauhan,

Welcome to Traderji.com

You will find a lot of info in these forums on technical analysis and trading methods.

If you have any questions, please ask.
well i am verymuch interested in technical analysis. so will u plz let me know the sites or groups who provide the course material by post as well as on line and help on to go through.


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Here on Traderji you all will get lot of materials to study and understand Tech analysis. Read Teach a man to fish by SaintSir to start with.

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