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Hi All, I have been visiting this forum for couple of months. Came across this site using the google search and am very pleased to read the forum discussion and the member interaction on the forum. Well about me, i have been very very lucky in the stock market till date. I am currently in US and have been investing in the stock market using the ICICIDIRECT website(Which i really hate)...Currently have build a decent diverse portfolio in the stock market and am carefully adding more stocks to it.. Being a engineering professional, i feel i have reasonable analysis skills, which i use quite effectively at my work..But in matters of stocks and stock market, i haven't made much progress.. I still am not able to make head and tale of the graphs and the technical analysis which we discuss in out forums..Hope it will change in the coming days, with more reading and discussion on this website :) Anyways, Best wishes to all and a special thanks to Traderji for bringing up this forum for everyone's benefit...Hope the family grows and brings prosperity to everyone. thanks,
Welcome to traderji.com massbos123,

I guess some or most of us are in a similiar situation (about trading and technical analysis), but I have been trading the signals and I must say that I am impressed. I am learing and earning slowly but surely.

I am reading the Visual Investor by John Murphy at present which I recommend to all budding and newcomers to trading using Technical Analysis.

Now some of it is slowly making sense!!
I heard this site from my friend and he says it is very informative about trading of stock etc. Now, i happy to join with you people and i hope i will have good suggessions from all of you.
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