Head & shoulders in Gold

gold is forming head & shoulders formation on daily chart,buy gold if it breaks above 6265 levels with a target of 6640 levels.happy trading
can anyone tell, gold silver technical charts

can anyone tell me, where we can see the gold and silver charts, crude oil and all commodities,and historical data of all commodities,
kindly mention here, or mail me at [email protected]
waitingggggggggggg BILLA JI
u can buy from viratechsoftware.com they provide u the end of the day data
gold has broke out of head & shoulders pattern on daily chart one can buy gold on correction with a target of 6600 levels in the coming months.happy trading
Nice breakout from that symmetrical triangle on Gold.Ending the week on 445.8.And taking out the previous pivot high........Bullish!!Looking good... :)
i m intrested to trade in gold but never done it. is the chart patterns really follow the commodity gold prices? i m also having an unbelivable new ( to me also )gold will rise upto 7250. in next 1 year . say upto 15th aug 2007. lets we will check in future.
nammu said:
can anybody tell me from where i can get 5 min live data on commodities or at least Gold?
Does anybody provide for real time data for Gold,etc........not heard of it.Would be interested if somebody had any idea of it.Know that Viratech provides EOD Data.

i spoke to viratech people they are planning to get real time data for commodities,and i think there is no provider for them as of now

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