HDFC Securities Vs others

Hi All,
I have been trading through brokers for the past 1 year. I found that they take a lot of time for payment (More than 1 week). I am planning to open a trading account. I have shortlised HDFC securities and Geojit.
I know the brokerage charges of Geojit charges is much less than HDFC.
But I am mostly trade in primary market through IPOs. I feel I need online facility to apply for IPOs. HDFC is planning to introduce that facility soon. Any idea whether Geojit provides that already?
Also how long they take for payment. I heard Geojit takes around 3 days for payment. What about HDFC? Request HDFC customers and Geojit customers to share their experience.
Hdfc online trading a/c is linked with your savings a/c just like icici. u just need to allocate funds for trading. debit/credit is autometic from your bank a/c.
online IPO is still not activated but will b soon..
Biggest minus point in hdfc is high F&O brokerage that is 15 paisa ,too high, 3 times the market rate.. otherwise service is excellant no connectivity probs like icici.
interface is also simple and great.
Thanks for your inputs. Is there anybody who have used HDFC or Geojit or both. Please share your experience. I heard Geojit has 3 types of Geojit account: Silver, Gold & platinum. In the case of silver, they don't provide real time data. What about HDFC? Do they provide real time data or we have to manually refresh. also what about the payment? is it T+2? I heard in the case of Geojit, we have to request for pay-out. Is it automatic in the case of HDFC bank?
HDFC Securities started providing online IPOs appliction.

Here is mentioned about online application of IPOs.
"In our pursuit to improve your online trading experience, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Online IPO system on January 16th, 2006! Now you can quickly and seamlessly apply to the latest public offerings with just a few clicks."

There is still no online mutual funds. But HDFCbank started online mutual funds (HDFC & PRU ICICI mutal funds) through NetBanking
ICICIDirect is only good for mutual fund investments where you can do it offline, else for trading and even at time for investing its a pain. Website does nto open and it is of no use when the markets are open.
I applied yesterday for Gujarat State petronet ipo thru

Payment is T+2, no problem, automatic

No real time data like Indiabulls, only browser based, like icicidirect


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