HCL Technologies??

Can anyone tell me why hcl technologies share prises fall by 50% few days before??

Is it wrth to invest in tht?

i think it is due to stock split,since it is fifty percent obviously the one who is holding will be getting two share for one share of the vaule before stock split.

obviously it is good stock and value based company which can have further upside in coming months.

I bought HCL and now the share value reduced by 50 %. If this is because of the stock split, then will my number of shares get doubled ??
I bought these shares in ICICI and I don't see the doubled number in my portfolio?? can anybody help me here??? thanks in advance..


New Member
Yes ....ICICI will take more than a month to double it.Generally companies do the process by a week or so and then its broker's turn to indicate the split in your a/c.I have seen cases with ICICI where we even need to talk to customer care to ask them to do the process.Send some emails to Customer care or call and blast them then only they will do it fast.
MS : thanks for the clarification. I will wait for a few more days and then contact the customer service.
don't wait, first you call and try to know when exactly your shares are going to be deposited,this hell will continue for long if you don't go after them chasing every day.

you will lose chance of selling at good levels.


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