Hai everyone

After working in the Pharma industry for 22 odd years, I quit that job.
Trading Experience:
I am having my share of success and failures in trading. I have learned from my mistakes. Spend time on studying technical analysis. I have attended workshop on Technical analysis at National Stock Exchange, Mumbai. I also spend the time to understand various trading software.

No. of years in the Stock market:
I have been in the stock market for more than 6 years as a full-time trader.

Area of Interest:
Equities: Investing in the stocks.
Intraday on equities
Options: Mainly on the index (Nifty and Bank Nifty)
Learning Commodities before entering into this market.

How do I make a trading decision?
I will scan my stocks and plan my trade based on Technical Analysis.
I mostly use moving averages, MACD and will be having Fibonacci levels for support and resistance.

How you did discover this forum?
Through my friend.

Wish I knew about this site much before, I could have had the collecting learning a few years ago.
At least I am here now, happy with that. Love to share my knowledge and also learn from the senior traders.
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