Gujarat Godrej Innovative Chemicals > GSL > Godrej Industries? Dad passed away, help?

Hi all,

My name is Umang, and I am live in San Jose, California. I am new to all this, specially Indian trading market. I hope you guys can help me out.

My dad passed away about 15 years ago, but before that he had bought whole bunch of stocks of variety of different companies. My mom and I just found everything.

I am trying to make a list of how much they are worth, etc.

One such company is Gujarat Godrej Innovative Chemicals (GGICL). I did some research, and I guess that company merged and became Godrej Soaps ltd, which then demerged in to Godrej Industries and some other Godrej company.

My question is, if there are 600 shares of GGICL, what would be price of the share today? Or have they gone invalid? I tried looking for split/merge ratios, but couldn't find anything.

Also, some of these shares are under this name alone, some of them are under my mom's name, etc. So I guess the first step would be to transfer ownership?


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Re: Gujarat Godrej Innovative Chemicals > GSL > Godrej Industries? Dad passed away, h


- Effective 1st April, Gujarat Soaps Ltd. (GSL) amalgamated with Gujarat Godrej Innovative Chemicals Ltd.(GGICL). The name of the amalgamated Company was changed to GSL.

- The shareholders of GSL were issued shares in the company in the ratio of one share for every share held in GSL. Accordingly they were consolidated into 70,84,433 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each. Out of this, shareholding after reduction, of the erstwhile Godrej Soaps Ltd. comprising 3,18,080 No. of equity shares 10 each of capital were cancelled subsequent to amalgamation.

- The formalities of amalgamation of Godrej Soaps Limited with Gujarat-Godrej Innovative Chemicals Limited with effect from 1st April.


- Godrej Soaps Ltd. has changed its name to Godrej Industries Ltd. after completion of its demerger on April 1 and inducted three new directors on its board.

Godrej is a reputed company,Contact them directly for further info with your details.

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