Greetings to all

Hi all, it's my pleasure to be in TraderJi within your network. I am a MBA first year student. I have a bit of 3 year trading experience. I found it very interesting & exciting as well because I do out of my passion. I have develop my own fundamental and technical analysis. It is the only one thing which can match your income with the inflation. But one should have the philosophy. One should not be greedy.
I am not much of a technical analysis person. I just follow basic charts and trend. I firmly believe too much of technical tools will also not help in trading. But would like to know what trading strategies you use?
Mr Deshmukh i think you have understood technical analysis in a wrong way. but certainly its very good tool if you use with a discipline. Japanese guys are so much popular for these reasons only, and for this only western market is so influenced on these system. Candlestick is the best tool where you just see the trend. Just go through some articles it will be helpful for sure.
Absolutely right, even me also didn't went through any formal training. But I use bit of macro & micro economic analysis, along with that little bit of statistical analysis..& current affaires.
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