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Hi everybody,

I too, have been smitten by the trading bug, I guess, and smelled my way into Traderji's portals. Thanks to these search engines, finding most of the information you seek, is getting easier as the days go by. It's been a month today, since I registered and almost getting lost in the heaps of information assimilated over years of trading experience of all members here. It's like a gold mine. So to say, better late than never, I stop by, to introduce myself and say a warm hello to everyone on this forum.

I'm fairly new to trading. I have a trading account with HDFC Securities and so far, I've executed three to four trades, exclusively in the Equity market. There's more adrenalin rush trading intraday. I already have a gut feeling that I've to update myself on working and adhering to a plan or strategy for trading in these markets. If I'm going to succeed at that, only time can tell. After gaining more experience and most importantly after analyzing the risks involved, I wish to trade in the Commodities, F&O markets too. That said, I hope to learn from you, esteemed members of this forum. Thanks in advance.

I've downloaded the trial version of AmiBroker from their official partners site in India. Now, to decide on ordering a good, hassle free and reliable RT data feed provider is like beating around the bush. All information about AmiBroker, I gathered on this forum. Thank you, Traderji.

I have my roots in Kerala and looking around here, not the only one! Hope to make some good friends and enjoy my stay here. I spent my early days in Chandigarh and presently, living with my family in Pondicherry. Looks like I've rambled on, enough.

Finally, a word of thanks to all staff and members for making Traderji a good place to hang out.

Best wishes to one and all.

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