Great-option trading course at hyderabad

Option trading
Please learn it at Hyderabad.
Of late We see an ad in newspaper like this

Learn 2 earn -Make daily 5000 rupees profits in futures and options trading using highly profitable strategies. 3 day course at S R Nagar. Fees only 2000/- including materials.

My friend calls me and tells me- look here you can make daily 5000 or Rs110,000 a month or 13.2 laks a year using FNO trading. System costs just 2000 and 3 days course.
Would you join me?

I asked him
Just answer me these simple questions.


Suppose if you are this guy and if you can earn Rs 1.10laks a month using a meagre capital ,in that case, would you advertise every 3rd day or 5thday in newspaper? And would you be so ever willing to sell your system which can make you carodpati just for a throwaway price? SUPPOSING IF THIS GUY WERE trading since 7 years, he would be rich by almost Rs 1 Crore or even 2 croreswith his whopping profits.and he would never part with his secret of trading .
He became quiet for a while.
Then he replied,
Honestly I wont advertise at all, Even if I were desperate,I wont do it often-Last but not the least, I wont sell my system to public.

Second question
Markets, FNO markets,more so are very volatile and highly risky. The risk is so high that traders loose 20000 to make 5000, do you know this fact?

To make Rs 1.10 laks a month, you probably wont survive in the markets till the end of the month with your meagrE 20k or 30k capital. Do you understand this naked truth?

He said- I lost my Rs 2 laks in option market and not able to make even 20k a month without pumping extra capital. I see the truth thru my own experience.
We then went to my mentor WHO proved to us it is just not possible with a bare 3 day half knowledge.
He gave a system. It makes money. But we guys cant make money with it while our mentor could, as he showed us evidence of his live trades recorded in detail.
He said- you need to develop certain basic skills before you can make money in FNO markets.

Here is the book, here are the systems here are the tools read 3 days and then perform heart surgery.

Can you do it?

We guys backed off.
If it were so simple as that, there would be a heart surgeon one a street.
Trading is similar.
It needs years, if not months to master things in FNO. And there are no short cuts.
Above all, just a system cant help you do it.

Just think
before you act

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