Great hearts here!

I think this forum is becoming what it already is,
More so perhaps 'coz now there's so much of fizzy fizz;
Remember I've always been shouting my throat so ho****,
That TA & Charts are not the only ones which offer recourse. :cool:

There are generous souls here who are opening their hearts,
Just to see that evereyone here benefit on their part;
No names will be taken 'coz there are too many, not few,
But those who I'm meaning will surely take the cue. ;)

So refreshing to see all the newbies posting calls,
That too so readily, I'd say they've all got balls; :eek:
Pardon the lingo but I'm really not uncouth,
It's just that their calls are good & have so much more of truth.

One thing if I may & that's this I've gotta say,
No Juniors, no Seniors here, it's all very level play;
The categories are not to show what one really knows,
It's all about just counting up who is posting all those posts.


Active Member
The forum is full of great hearts
The market action is full of darts
When the mkt goes against you it hurts and smarts
It leaves impressions like skin dry warts
No point speculating whether TA belongs to sciences or Arts
Live trading experience is the best wisdom mkt imparts
All the analysis gets thrown out of the window and generally departs
To give too much importance to analysis is to leave horses behind the carts.
One has to be most vigilant once the mkt action starts
For it is there that one really requires big hearts

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