Google query string ? (Yahoo posted)


Teach a man to fish..... unfortunately we're given fish ie.. free RT quote softwares, the only downside of it is, we miss out on knowledge that helps us do things more customised for ourselves, most of the 'free' sheet providers keep their macros locked, thank you very much.

After much head banging ive come to find the following works well for yahoo, if anyone has query strings for Google pls post.

Yahoo query string for RT data :

for Excel :

qurl =,ALBK.NS

etc, add about 50 stocks in one go....

With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:="URL;" & qurl, Destination:=DataSheet.Cells(3, 3))

This will paste query result to Cell C3

So far i have the following on Google but not sure if its workable, the download format is too complex,ABAN,IBM

not even sure if its RT or EOD.

Does anyone have usable query strings for Google RT data ? Pls post, exchange and learn.


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