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Iam Bala from chennai . Iam new to commodities . I reffered some sites about Trading Gold futures. Still it is something confusing. In geojitwebsite they had given


Arbitragers are those who benefit from arbitrage i.e. taking advantage of price differences arising between the spot market and futures market.

Example : December spot price is Rs.5875 and January futures price is Rs.5950. Arvind buys in spot and sells in futures to gain an annualised return of 15.31%."

In this case how to trade in cashprice and sell in the futures. if the futures price is higher than the spot price .can we sell in cash . Anybody trading in commodities please explain me how to trade with minimum less risk with limited profits.
no way .you can buy in spot and you have to sell in spot only same for future all so.
boz in future we will have contracts in spot no contracts .

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