GODS own Trading System


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Hello Friends,

During my last few years being a student of the market i have experimented with a lot of technical tools to trade successfully.
Since i am a aggressive discretionary trader, i have had periods of spectacular gains , but i also witnessed long periods of negative returns .

In my ambition to keep improving on your analysis skills , have ended up learning a whole lot of trading tools . But the problem with discretionary trading is that you tend to get confused ,which tool to use at a particular market situation , espcially since every day is a different day in the markets.

Since we traders tend to always think about the markets , i am no different , one day while praying , i had this amazing insight into appyling many tools for market analysis in an organised and consistent manner , so that there is no inconsistency in our trading ,even though the market setup may be completely different from the previous trade.

Everything fell into place so well that in a few days i was able to put into place all the rules to implement this in live trading.

what i now wish to see , is whether it can be implemented in the manner i see it and if it proves itself in real trading , then i would wish to disclose all the logic and rules to TJ members who might want to try this .

I want to take 5 Trades and see whether it can generate atleast a 20 % return on a decent size capital a/c .And if it could i will go ahead and reveal the system and if it gives negative returns after these trades ,then would go back to the drawing board to work further on it.

Since the trades are of short term in nature , they involve c/f of positions , so pure intraday traders might not be interested in this , also please be patient till the completion of Min 5 Trades , which might take a couple of months or more .

Also if anyone have any doubts , as to why i would disclose a profitable system ? Then my answer is this is my way of contributing to this forum , which has to be credited for most of the knowledge i have gained .


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I wondered why you named your system as 'GODS own Trading System' and that is what brought me to your post.

But now I know.

Wish you all the best.


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