Gods Own Bounty


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The Treasure found in the four vaults of Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple in Kerala have literally blinded the eyes of the Supreme court appointed team to value the treasure.

The estimated value has already crossed Rs 100000 Crores. Two other unopened vaults are expected to contain an equal amount worth gold and stones.

During the last two days search in two vaults which are believed to have not been opened for centuries, brought out several sacks full of precious stones. Reportedly, one of the stones itself is worth Rs 50 crore.

The centuries old temple is sitting on treasure worth Rs 2 lakh crore . If we consider the antique value of the treasure trove , it can be 10 times higher.


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If only it could be used for a noble cause for good of the people, instead of being locked up as it has been.

Wishful thinking ....I know


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Looking at the present conditions even "Gods" are declaring their hidden assets,
Our Politicians and other black money businessmen should start soon




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only a matter of time before the actual treasure is replaced with gold-plated stuff and smuggled out of the country...never to be seen again until it is auctioned by Christies (on behalf of a politician) 15yrs later.

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