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That seems great,..
Though MP charts needs improvements , as I switch timeframes MP plots that way. While we require 30 mins per TPO even on 5 min charts.

OFA will be great addition...

Also if possible, please introduce Range Charts. :)
As follows:

1. MP is used generally for a 30 min resolution. I beg to defer that the MP should show 30 mins per TPO even on 5 Min charts. We have referenced softwares such as CQG and Sierra Charts which is considered the gold standard in this space. I understand that Indian audience generally reference Bell TPO which is a customized solution on top of Ninja Trader but we have intentionally refrained from any customized solution.
2. OFA will be released very soon
3. Range Bar chart is already available under Chart Types
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What symbol did you try? NSE Cash is realtime for all (as of now) but Futures is reserved for premium users
Great ,..

I was trying Niftyfuts ,.. :) just to check ,..

Ur site may come very handy specially when i m not able to access my trading machine remotely. Everything else is setup at my end for realtime profiling n all.

Good luck... btw, can u mention the pricing ?

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