Geojit bnp paribas or Hedge equities is better?

I don't understand - what you wanna to say or express. o.k i am a client of geojit since 2004. I have complete satisfied with geojit . they give valuable opinion in market and most important thing is their brokarage, ledger , profit/loss statement is cristal to any brokarage houses in india.In2008 , I tried to change my broker like religare,reliance,sharekhan etc etc, but their attitude with customers ,brings me again in geojit bnp paribus.And now I only invest through geojit specially derrivative section. thanking you.
In case of customer support both are same, if you are a keralite you can communicate with HO of both of them in Malayalam, but in case of market advice both are bad, hedge gives 7-10 tips every day out of which 3-4 hit targets, if u r looking low brokerage then bargain with some franchises they may give u better brokerage rates than the branches of hedge and geojit.


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Any one is trading through Geojit bnp paribas or Hedge equities?
I recently closed account of geojit after using 6 years.....if you trade intraday then there are better brokers with low brokerge.......

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