Geojit(are they worth)


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Hi all finally I have opened an account with GeoJit but still don't know about there performance. I request people who are using GeoJit please sheare ur experience about daytrading. Is GeoJit good for daytrading are there any unoticed deductions or hidden cost. please do advice about there DayTrading capacity. are they worth...

all of your advices who know about GeoJit are welcomed... Thank's :confused:

I am trading with Geojit for the past 4 years and in fact all of my family menbers are trading with them. My experience with Geojit is very good. It is professionally managed and they do not do proprietory trading, which is good.
Regarding their services, all contract notes are sent my mail by 10 p.m the same day and all other statements regularly.
Terminal services and back office services are also up to expectations.

Regarding your query on " are they worth", my reply is "they are"

Happy trading and a Prosperous NEW YEAR

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