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today it went ex, so in next few days you should get them
As per Motilal Oswal website, Bonus shares get credited to the Demat account within 15 days :

"Once a shareholder is identified as being qualified for a bonus share issue, the bonus shares are given a new ISIN (International Securities Identification Number). It takes no more than 15 days for the bonus shares to be credited to the shareholders' demat accounts when a fresh ISIN is assigned."
The demat shows adjusted price today, but not the quantity. I guess that will take time.


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Brother, could you tell me please are those bollinger bands helpful or not? Very contradictive evidence that they are useful.. or are these Keltner channels?
Those bands are moving average envelope.. not always helpful.. especially in volatile market..
But in case the markets are steady and gently rising then it gives great results..

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