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The markets are down. It's more than an hour since the opening. So, buy puts ??

I don't know.

@Raj232 , traders, I think even though the CE are down, maybe a safe trade would be buy PE on close above 21ema on 15 min.

Buying PUT would have given huge returns intraday . overnight is risky..



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Charts suggest that we are very close to an important top in Titan. Nifty top is some distance away....This is based on charts but the markets can do totally different things....

I have started actively booking profits in Titan holding in my portfolio....

Based on EW markings?

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Guys, when do the bonus shares get credited to my demat ? PFC has declared a bonus in August, the market sees a 20% price change today, but my demat shows the old quantity and price (16 shares @141.29)
As per Motilal Oswal website, Bonus shares get credited to the Demat account within 15 days :

"Once a shareholder is identified as being qualified for a bonus share issue, the bonus shares are given a new ISIN (International Securities Identification Number). It takes no more than 15 days for the bonus shares to be credited to the shareholders' demat accounts when a fresh ISIN is assigned."

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