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A few days ago, with USD at Rs. 75.2, the July futures were at around 76.5, today USD is around 74.6 and the July futures are still at 76.4.

The July futures went up to 78.8 !!

RBI governor's address..

Looks like RBI is visualising a recession much further than 2020. Just my thoughts.
CRR reduced by 1%.

Lot more liquidity measures are being announced, too much content to follow, will wait for a digest from the experts.
If everything is closed for three months in whole world economy will suffer.
Positive side is- if we survive this GDP will grow by 2 digit when compare to current period
A deeper recession, not necessarily an extended lockdown.

Personally, I think that these 3 weeks of lockdown will be used to generate the infrastructure for widespread testing. Then will come the treatment part. Then slowly the traffic will pick up.

Not putting a timeframe on it. When the testing infrastructure gets fully in place, more cases will be detected. Then no patient will be given a clean chit for 2-3 weeks. So, once a patient gets in the "infected" list, he will stay there for 2-3 weeks, while the newer cases are added. So that period is likely to see an exponential rise in the "infected" number.

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