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Despite the expiry, the gap is excessive. Maybe the April futures will see a premium erosion tomorrow. But the volatility has made the gap about 30 paisa in the subsequent series, up from about 22-23 paisa a month ago.

Covid-19 challenge: India works on 3-month plan, to stagger dole

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More likely, the beneficiaries will try to cash out the rations, and visit the temples and relief centres for food and provisions.

But the government has once again, taken a measured step, IMO. By staggering it out, they have ensured the continuity of consumption. While not saying that the lockdown would be extended, they have indicated that it is possible. Anyway, even if the lockdown is lifted mid-April, the demand won't return immediately.

I don't think that we will see any food riots in India, but staying idle may give reign to the devils in some troublemakers' minds.
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Was the last two days only due to expiry, short covering or something else? Nothing has changed, either from a medical standpoint or from an economy stand point (stimulus). So, who tf is buying? And how are the delivery volumes? Any views, please share.
Job losses in US rising and market goes higher as they thing there will be more stimulus.

also did some checkup on delivery qty, preliminary analysis suggests deliverable qty going down..





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The following news is worrying, but personally I think that the spike is due to increase in testing facilities.

Mint Covid Tracker: India’s coronavirus curve picks up again, worryingly close to US trajectory
3 min read . Updated: 26 Mar 2020, 02:54 PM ISTSriharsha Devulapalli, Pooja Dantewadia
  • Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have seen the biggest spikes in confirmed cases over the past 24 hours
India is not testing enough people so we don't know the extend of the virus spread... thousands could already be having the virus.. last time there was news that 2 patients from slum and chawl in mumbai were tested positive. These places are densely populated in mumbai where 20-30 family share toilets and bathrooms.

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