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ST Sir and other Seniors,
Can you people give some pointers how do we identify if the day is a trend day. I mostly get out on fixed target to realize later that it was a trending day and waiting with the position on could have made more money instead of early exit. I know we cannot predict the day before market starts. But as the market unfolds, is there any clue that can help in identifying if its a trending day.
Thanks !
Using initial balance of market profile along what ST has already posted can give u good idea of days move .for market profile ib go through the excellent thread xray has on it here.
Monday is tomorrow for our markets :)
Does 58 crore make a difference when the banks have loads of NPA
As the article says, this is the first ever instance of such a penalty. That itself is significant, meaning that there could be strict action against the other banks too for any deviation from any norms.

I am with the blue counts as my primary count and red as secondary. View attachment 24284
So far Blue count is panning out nicely.Now April is in make or break situation. I am still with my blue counts and I will carefully watch the corrective waves for the wave C if they are going to be impulsive then we have some good fall on the cards. If they are turningout to be a corrective waves then we have fantastic upmove is getting the base. Either way there is some strong move is going to take place. Fundamental concept of EW is to sail the waves and not to have a mind set that whatever we have counted is right.(This concept of understanding is very important in learning and applying the EW theory and most of the people fail in EW application just because of realizing this concept)Lets face it
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I happend to discuss NPA issue of the banks with junior level officer of a bank. This officer happens to recommend loans upto Rs.1 crore. I asked him what happens to you if the loan recommended by you becomes NPA. He said he would be suspended until it is resolved. I asked how many such junior officers are put under suspension. He said many of them are under suspension. This is good to hear.

Just for loans upto Rs.1 crore banks take stringent steps upto suspension in case the loans fail to recover.

How many officers are put under suspension who sanction loans above Rs.1000 crores. None of them are put under suspension. Here I am referring the officers who are vested with powers to sanction loans above Rs.1000 crores. In recent PNB case also, we find that some scapegoats are put under suspension. In case of Malvya , SBI loan defaulter, none is put under suspension. Just see what is going on in the banks.

This trend changes, only when chairman, MD and committees are thrown out, when such big scams happen. The big knife should always hang above these people's head.
These people are vested with super powers to manage the banks. These people are not accountable when things go wrong. Highest positions should be made responsible for the scams as they have every power to control and stop scams. This is evident from the fact that numerous junior level officers are suspended.


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are you serious? there was a infamous poster in goa " dogs and indians are not allowed" it's reminding me of that incident
Despite being 35000 rupees in profit in F&O after backtesting for 5 months I just realized being a student it might be goodbye moment for me. Crime- not trying to be a Gorment Babu and trying to stand on my own legs.
I remember few weeks ago paytm ceo accused NPCI on live tv for favouring google to launch their UPI platform tez. Paytm UPI platform was ready to launch but NPCI issued notice to halt their launch so that google can go ahead and launch tez ahead of paytm. No wonder why our FM was present in that launch event.

Paytm ceo also said it is not a battle between favouring foreign companies over domestic companies but a battle between two Indian entities (regulator and the Indian organisation). Indian regulators doesn't give level playing field for domestic companies and our govt talks big about make in India. Amazing!
Who is Indian in this context? Paytm ceo?

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