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Bhai !!! Now moved lot in VA (volume analysis ) before varun started this thread ,OBV does take spread of the candle, yes we all know ,also volume anomaly !!! but for start OBV is best !!!every body have to move to later stage !!! i'm not a class pivot (swing) trader ,nor sole price action fellow, combo man !!! PVA with area (DS/MP/VP)

Thanks for the suggestion, i will watch VPT !!!
Yes, I know Xray bro, I have been following your style in the forum. I was just implying that Varunji should be humble enough to accept that one system is not better than the other. Its the trader who makes it better or worse. OBV have its own limitations & challenges.

VPT/MVPT is just a improvement on OBV based on how it is calculated, instead of considering the total volume it considers the volume in proportion to the change in price from the previous candle. The pdf I have shared gives good details on how it is derived.
Why the sudden fall in BNF? Any bad news?

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Maybe someone has advance information about TCS results :D

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