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So you were expecting a gap down, because of GDP numbers.
And who created gloom because of poor GDP numbers.
Bull bhai, since yesterday evening I was trying to dispel gloom in the thread and reiterating the positive 'India story'.
A negative opening if at all would have been a knee jerk reaction, thankfully that didn't happen.
Wouldn't want to comment who created gloom or who was feeling the blues.
Learnt a lot from this forum other than trading, foremost amongst them is "not to argue"



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DMark did the research and invented Sequential and Combo which he says identifies natural rhythm of the market and the market the credit goes to him for this painstaking research .

I have just learned his methods by reading them several times,experimenting them on Indian markets to see how/where they work and how/where they dont work, done the backtests on several timeframes from weekly to 1 my contribution is very limited.

I have immensely benefited by these.

ST Bro is like Rahul Dravid, Always modest and refuse to take credit. You have contributed immensely to this forum.. Thank you for your contribution.. Keep it up :)


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Market is always doing it own thing.It doesn't care if news is positive or negative.News only make it more volatile which is always welcome from a traders perspective.Its better to attain and retain a neutral outlook.Allow only price action to give you a bias and not the news or opinions of other people.
Market has been open and up today but it could have been open and down as easily.We dont care,we would follow our method,take a trade if our method said so and hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

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