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market totally range bound since last more than an hour
no effect of solid europe opening
They're all just around +1%, even the hang sang which was almost +3% is back to the +1% levels.
Probably resting day bcos of the Fed Hike stirs going on.
Let me share my Experience , I m fulltime now almost 2.5 years struggled ,learnt and finally surviving .My relatives and office colllegues (I now hired a shared office for day trading) are already impressed on my survival on such a big phase day trading and many have approached for investment /trading advice .

people believe what they see.....if we are confident and make money ,who cares the rest ...As da said crowd will automatically follow as money comes in.

I am very curious man. First and foremost congrats on surviving the grind and onto the path of success.

In your struggling days, did you get enough support from people? And how did people's attitude change once you made it into the success mode?

I am sure this transition from struggling to successful, you must have learned some valuable lessons about people and their mind set. Please do share them if time permits.

Too many questions, i Know...:lol:

Don't remember the time mkt bored like this before... even 2011-12 days were better.... trapped in 10 points range....
Some ppl attributing mkt non performance to possible Ind-Pak conflicts....

It will take just one surgical strike in POK for Nifty to come below 7k.... :lol:


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When ever see boring market get ready for good trade. .It will come with blasting mode :)
Not on system. ..using mobile...1 long trade @8818 exit @ 8832 thanks for X ray bro. ..used his thoughts. ..bdf val trade.


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Any one able to draw lines in kite charts on mobile? I can't. If able to draw lines then please share model of mobile.

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