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Subhadip, thanks, ITF, we need a pivot above the break on whichever side?
Now a days I am not waiting for pivot break...Just Triangle break...go for it... if reverse or false BO/BD..reverse..thats all


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I don't know whether how many people will agree with me but I can say this on the basis of my experience with many people that they will take a guy seriously, or want to have a connection with him, if he runs a well doing business/company or if he is in investing/trading profession then he have to be some hedge fund manager based in Singapore.

Then the people will drool because the word phoren and big sounding word like hedge fund is attached with you.
Let me share my Experience , I m fulltime now almost 2.5 years struggled ,learnt and finally surviving .My relatives and office colllegues (I now hired a shared office for day trading) are already impressed on my survival on such a big phase day trading and many have approached for investment /trading advice .

people believe what they see.....if we are confident and make money ,who cares the rest ...As da said crowd will automatically follow as money comes in.

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