Gann strategy...

Hiiii all...

Hope dat every 1 knows about this strategy.......I am using this strategy from last 1 success ratio is around 80%......but I am not sure wheather it should continue or not.....If ny 1 using this strategy then plz share....

also share ny other intraday strategy
you can also use various geomatrical figures like curves, triangle, square etc.. for that there is a software called gannalyst:

it has lots of tools and indicators to help.
Hi Hardik

Are you using Gannalyst.
Can you help me.
I tried this software some 7-8 months ago.
I downloaded the data into it successfully but could not be able to generate chart. Got stuck there. Did not get/find any help, how to proceed, even help file was of no use. So left it in middle.

Can you help me.
Can you tell me how to generate chart after loading data into it.


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