Gambler- Joke


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"A Gambler( or for that matter a trader who enters stock market with gambling tendencies) is a person who thinks that nine women can produce a child in one month."



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And they do. A good trader can do almost any thing in the market.


My dear friend seems you got me wrong, my joke was about a Gambler( or a trader who enters stock market with gambling tendencies) who takes blind bets on a trade. And for that matter a Good Trader i think is a one who works on his trades seriousely- following technical or fundamental analysis- & then desides whether to enter a stock or not.

So there is no denying the fact that a good trader is always a good trader no matter how the market is- Bullish or Bearish.

4 candles

Probably, in a bull market, 270 women can produce in 1 day. Scrips which have not advanced for the past 9 months, go up in a single day.

Nonetheless, your definition was a Good one.

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