Join our Webinar on Application of Dual Candlestick Patterns (Series: Japanese Candlesticks)

Tomorrow @ 4 pm

In this webinar on Japanese Candlesticks, we will talk about important Dual Candlestick Patterns. The objective is to enable viewers to incorporate these patterns when making informed trading decisions.

Speaker: Abhishek Chinchalkar, Head of Education @FYERS

Register Here -


Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
@Tejas Khoday Sir at least this is not expected from you ... I have clearly mentioned that no ticket no is generated even after two mails...but without reading my message you are asking me ticket no in hurry to reply.

What can I say sir.
Hi @sach007, Your previous two messages don't have the ticket number and I replied to several posts recently. If you can repost the link it will be helpful. Thanks.

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