Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
@Tejas Khoday You do not sound like a person scared of some ignorant fools laughing at you. Maybe I am wrong.
I am not, just telling you the mood over here so that you can imagine what it's like :). Right now, brokers are dealing with WFH issues, MCX settlement debacle, Stockbroking employees getting beat up by cops in Mumbai that it's become a subject of much controversy in our circles. The exchanges are worried about leverage and other things. Making forex markets 24/7 is the last thing on anyone's list considering that barely anyone trades cross currencies.


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Hello Mr. Khoday.
"... stockbroking employees getting beat up by cops in Mumbai" Was wondering the same. The general guidelines issued by the GOI was to open shops selling essentials. Thus how would the employees get to the offices if harassed? But ... isn't your office is Bangalore, same there as well?

Been missing for a while and see that there have been some good developments at Fyers. Connecting with TV via Fyers (that's an ACE really as it solves a lot of issues); service charges for A/C opening (good u did that, don't want to loose a good broker for petty fees), ... Yet the best still remains that i can talk to the CEO of my broking firm directly via forum. :):cool:

"... unlike other discount brokers, we are not funded ..." just curious to know, what would be the advantage to the clients if u were funded?

have an issue with the fyers web. the charts are erratic after NSE market hour, even thought MCX is still open. Kindly look into it and rectify.

Cheers, :)

PS. Pls push TV to provide Futures data for both NSE (atleast Nifty & BN) and MCX, atleast 2 month futures. TY!
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Is Fyers One working fine? I am facing a lot of issues in Fyers One in terms of Tools. I cant see more than 3 or 4 scrip details in any of the available Tools when selecting "NIFTY50" stocks.

Attaching pics, so that anyone can throw a helping hand.


Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 10.37.16 PM.png
Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 10.37.44 PM.png

Even here in sectors view, only a few are displayed. Clicking on Banks displays just HDFCbank & nothing else. These problems isnt a one time problem.

Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 10.38.17 PM.png
@Tejas Khoday Bro, Greetings. Why we can not buy Put and Call Options (CNC) in Fyers Account. (It Keeps Getting Rejected)

Since i am stuck in South Africa due to lockdown, have not couriered POA hardcopy, Sent the Signed Scan copy to Fyers Team, Which they have rejected by saying we accept only hard copy, which seemed a bit strange.

Nevertheless Please Reply why i can't take positions in derivative segment with trading account. An Earliest Response will be appreciated.

Anyone who can assist me, Please share your experience or advise further.
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Last time when asked about not updating risk management measures on Fyers notice board everyday, I got the reply from Fyers team that they don't do it everyday, it's updated only if there is a change in them.

3 requests to @Tejas Khoday

1. Please try to update it regularly irrespective of there is change or not. (If every product is allowed, not required)
2. Please do it at least before pre market open, so that things can be planned in advance.
3. If there is an update to the notice during market hours either add it to the top or give a different color. (Currently it gets added to the bottom which isn't easy to notice)

I hope these things aren't difficult to implement.
@Tejas Khoday I have not been able to install the Fyers One platform and the message indicates " using a old version and update it a new version " - reached out to support and they were not able to fix it and mentioned they would reach out to technical team to fix the installation? Does a normal platform installation have so many issues?

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