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@Tejas Khoday Hello, Can we use NSE F&O charts on tradingview, because earlier i had tradingview subscription it supported only NSE cash segment.
Although Tradingview does not provide F&O data for Indian scrips, you can use the underlying Equity symbol to trigger alerts and then place in any F&O scrip. You can also use other symbol data from various different exchanges around the world including stock exchanges, global currency pairs, commodities to trigger trading alerts if you have such a strategy.

I'm sure many of the strategy makers on this forum will acknowledge that it offers a unique opportunity to save costs for AlgoTrading. Do spread the word about this and spread awareness.

FYERS is looking forward to supporting the AlgoTrading & Tradingview community in India
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Hi @rahulsinghau,

1. Check out this support portal articles on FYERS API Bridge which almost cover all the queries related to integration.
2. On signing-up with TradingView using FYERS link, you don't need to subscribe for data feeds since it is provided for all the symbols available on their platform. Also, few of our clients embedded their trading setup using WTI Crude oil for MCX crude.
3. It is really easy to integrate with TradingView apart of all. Refer this - How to integrate FYERS API Bridge with TradingView?
If you're facing any difficulties in any of these, kindly get in touch with our support team. Hope you find this helpful.
I did not understand the last examples..

The alert in TV will be with a message .. so why i have to enter the value in api bridge columns..
really confusing .. is there any short video showing this integration and automation please ?

Hello Fyers Team,

In your contract note I came across 2 charges mentioned as
1) Taxable Value Of Supply (Cmcharges)
2) Taxable Value Of Supply (Ibt)

Can you please explain about these charges?