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HI Tejas &fyers team - this tool is missing from the main tradingview and fyers platform..can you check it ..because this is a
very useful tool compared with many other useless tools out their
Can you list out the charges levied by a depository participant? I have looked around and have not found any satisfactory information and the ones that I did find were abstruse to put it mildly. As far as the upfront costs go I can see that there are charges of approx 208/-(excluding stamp charges) on a turnover of 2lacs. So please use that as a benchmark(2lac turnover) and elaborate on the charges that will be charged beyond what I can compute with your brokerage calculator. And about AMC is it a flat fee or does it change with the size of one's holdings? My demat account is with IL&FS.

Thank You.

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