Hello, can u develop a basic app for integrating the Fyers API with Amibroker for trade execution?
That won't be required. I will be announcing something very soon w.r.t that!
Any update/progress on this @Tejas Khoday ? I am developing a strategy on Amibroker and would like to integrate with Fyers API. But I am unable to find any literature on integrating Amibroker with Fyers API. If you have any pointers on this, please share it here.


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Hi @sach007,

Thanks for the valuable input we have noted your concern. We would like to inform you that we are in the process of mobile App development and we hope you will find our new mobile App more appealing in terms of UI/UX, functionality and sync with our web platform. We have taken this project and working on priority as well. We will keep you posted in this regard.

Happy Trading!
Few suggestions regarding your mobile app:

1. Please have a look at Zerodha's kite mobile app. It is the best mobile app in India. It is light weight app in terms of memory consumption. The UI is eye-catching, and the most intuitive trading app. You can also take inspiration from SAS alpha mobile app. That is also good in terms of UI/UX.

2. Adding scrips should be easy like zerodha kite. This is very important. Adding scrips in fyers web or mobile platform is currently a nightmare. Especially when adding options contract/currency options contact.

3. Should have fingerprint/pin support.