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Hi, Wants to overlay one indicator on other in fyers web app. does anyone know how to do this.
currently trying to overlay moving avg. on RSI. but moving avg. get overlay on price chart only.


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1. I already have an equity trading account with fyers. How can I enable commodity segment? Can it be done online?

2. I have requested for fyers api last Wednesday. But till date it has not been activated.


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@FYERS_Team @Tejas Khoday

I have now opened Fyers demat account and now it is been my default demat account.

Now if I buy Liquidbees then how much time it will be taken for Pledging? ANd get margin.

As earlier with ILFS it was taking 2 days.
But I remember you have said when you will have your own DP then it will be done fast in house.

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