Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
Hi, @Tejas Khoday

Really impressed with the trading interface. I am a very old customer ( One of the very first) of Z and I can't say if I have still decided to leave them completely!

Two things I am missing badly. With them I was a sensibull subscriber. I used to group my option positions as per my strategies and it prevented me from getting confused/mixed up. Also I was able to track profit and losses individually for every strategy. And with sensibull I was able to close multiple positions of options from the strategy at one go. Do you have something in your mind like this or any chances of collaboration with sensibull?

Second one is flawless backoffice and / or integration of several apps altogether. Your backoffice seemed to me medieval in comparison.

1. We have not yet tied up with Sensibull for some reason :) and haven't started building an options portal as such, so I cannot commit to the timelines with regards to that.

2. Yes, the user interface of our back-office is medieval. I admit that! But it served our purpose as the back-end was robust. Having said that, our requirements are increasing rapidly and thus, we are in the process of upgrading to a new back office. In Phase-1, we will launch it as is. After taking collective feedback of users, we will implement a new user interface.
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The problems seems to be with MCX only. I have received FnO contract notes but no MCX CN till now, starting from last Friday. @Tejas Khoday
Hi @jyotixxx,
Due to delay in sending the trade files from the exchange end hence further processes got delayed than usual. We have sent contract notes for yesterday a couple of minutes before.
Happy Trading!
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Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
As per my observation towards Crude from the last couple of days it was completely in the down trend what could be the reason for the reverse trend.
Hi @Srinivas I, I don't really comment on the price movements on stocks or commodities. I rarely have enough time to track the prices and news flow. You should ask others who are on this thread. Our experienced clients :)

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